The Easiest Way To Get Laid: Finding Cougars & Milfs

Just like you want to make sure that you are putting the right you out there on dating sites, you are going to want to target the right type of women. There are ways to increase your chances of getting sex by narrowing the women that you are going after. There are easier marks than others, and they also have other advantages that you may not think about. Instead of going for your regular “type”, go outside the box to find the best box to get into. There are natural marks that if you stick to, you will be able to find all the sex you want.

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Increase your chances of getting laid

Your best bet to find a woman who will follow through with the meet and greet is going to be the most vulnerable one on the site. That does not mean that they are unattractive, quite the opposite, you can get the hottest girl on the site, she just may not know it, or be older than you are used to. Women who are older are more vulnerable because they have most likely been ignored, or used, for many years and are willing to lower their standards. Competing against girls who are young and fresh, they are more willing to go for a guy who is slightly less attractive if they are younger. With this said, get ready your best dating profile ready before you start with a good kick.

Take advantage of the revenge lay girl

There are also those women out there who are looking for the “revenge lay”. The revenge lay is when they have been hurt by a guy and want to get back at them. Whether the guy who dumped or cheated on her cares or not, matters not to you. If a girl is looking to get back at the guy who hurt her feelings the best way that she can think of is to have sex with someone else to brag about it. You want to be that guy. Not only are you doing her a favor in helping her get even, she is going to be less discriminate about who she chooses. Often the revenge lay girl is looking for nothing more than a penis. That is why they are the best mark you can find.

One night stand sites are your best choice

Older women are also oversexed creatures. As a woman gets older she is more comfortable with her body and is more likely to take chances. She is also more adventurous. That makes her more likely to choose you on a one night stand site. Married woman are the best one among them. Often ignored by their husbands for years, and not having sex for a long time, anyone who pays them just a little attention is able to get all the sex that they want. All married women are really looking for is someone to notice and appreciate them. If you throw a lot of compliments her way, there is no way that she is going to turn you down. Needy for someone to notice her, all you have to do is pay her some adoration and she will be number one on your redial button.

Single moms?

Well, they are the most underappreciated human beings in the world. Not only are they stuck up with kids all day, they are looking for something to make them feel worthy again. That is where you come in. They are looking for a little playtime and a playdate of their own. An easy mark, they are often hot, maybe just a little weathered and over the top. They are by far the easiest lays that you are going to find.

What is a MILF?

They are that mom that you were the source of your masturbation as a teen. Remember the guy in the neighborhood who had the hot mom? Now is your time to score with her. There are many hot moms who are on one night stand sites who want nothing more than a quickie. They can’t target their son’s friends, that would be creepy, but they are looking for the young guy who adores them. If you want an easy and hot lay, a MILF is the thing that your dreams have been created from.

How to be the rebound guy she wants to sleep with

The American Institute of Psychology estimates that over 75% of women who have been cheated on, or recently dumped, will look around for the quickest and easiest rebound guy to sleep with. To try to get over the guy who made her feel bad, and to move on from her current feelings for the guy, she will find the first guy who makes her feel desirable and good about herself. That is where you come in. You have to be the first one to make her feel worthy again, and here will teach how to gain here with few steps.

It isn’t a matter of finding unattractive 4s and 5s, it is about finding the 6s 7s and 8s that you may not always think of because you think they are outside of your comfort zone. An older woman can be a very exciting experience. They not only will be an easier lay, but a more exciting and adventurous one.

What are these types of women looking for?

They are looking for someone who will pay them a little attention. It isn’t really about who you are, it is about how you make them feel about themselves. If you give them the adoration that they crave that is all they really want. Telling them how attractive they are, and how lucky you would be to have them at your side, are all things that they want to hear. They aren’t looking for the guy who is cheesy. He is most likely very much like the one that just stepped on their feelings. Be the classy guy who is going to put her needs first and you will have her follow you anywhere.