Dating Message: Best Way To Ask Women For One Night Stand

The e-mail that you send to make contact is going to be your only chance to make a first impression. The way that you reach out to them is going to determine whether they are interested in you or not. If you strike out, it isn’t as if you are going to get a second chance. That is why it is crucial that you say all the things necessary to get her to answer you back and to give you a chance.

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Why the first response is so important

When we sent out some e-mails we noticed that they got a response while others guaranteed that we wouldn’t. They had things in common, but it was more about the language that we used than anything. Being strong, confident and complimentary seemed to be the way to go all the way around. When we were cheesy, overpowering, or just too full of ourselves on our profile details, we didn’t seem to get too many women who wanted to blow up our phone.

Apparently when it comes to first emails there is a way to say, “Hi” and then there is a real way to say, “hi”. We tried over 50 different ways to make contact to see which ones were most successful. Going about it in a systematic way, we narrowed down those things that caught their attention in a good way as well as those that got the woman’s attention in a negative way.

What we found out?

That your first contact email should be short and sweet. She doesn’t want your life story, or a novel. She just wants a quick hi email to let her know that she was noticed. Also, she didn’t want something that was serious, or overbearing. Sex is supposed to be fun and if you can’t even be fun and entertaining in an email, how on earth are you going to pull it off when you are having sex with her. The way to approach her is going to be with charm and humor. If you don’t know what those things are, we have some work to do, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get you there.

There are also ways that we found that entice women to respond to your email. You have to make her want to answer you instead of just putting the email away and not picking it up again. There are certain things that will keep her on the hook, like bait, and then there are those things that will get you into the “do not respond” category. Contrary to what we thought to begin with, those things are not that far apart.

Why this responses really work

The email that we found worked the best were the ones we called “test” emails. They were the first email that we sent out that had something in them that compelled her to answer us. They had all the main ingredients of humor, charm and compliments, but they also had something that made her think that she had to answer us. A test email was something that we sent to a woman that had a leading phrase or question that made her feel as if she had to answer you, or that she had to reply back.

We made a list of those emails that got the contact that we wanted, and those that didn’t. What we did was to compile them here for you so that you can have an example of what you want to reach out with, and those things that you should absolutely not do at all.

The three worst emails that we sent are as follows. They not only got us nowhere, women didn’t even feel the need to answer us at all.

“Hey there you are smoking hot and I thought that maybe we could take our clothes off and have some fun.”“I would love to find my way into finding my way into you.”
“I think we are the perfect match to have a night of incredibly hot sex…or just an hour if that works.”

The best emails we sent were:

“I love your smile, I think we could have some fun together…what do you think?”
“Do you always look that amazing or has that photo been airbrushed?”
“You are beautiful…would love to hook up sometimes, are you available any time in this lifetime?”

The second set of emails that we sent out got a response rate of over 90%. The other ones seemed to be too pushy or straight forward. They turned the women off to the point where they didn’t even feel compelled to answer us back. If you are going to send a contact email, make it about her, compliment her, make it short, and have a leading question that will compel her to answer you back.