Best One-Night Stands Sites – Look For a NSA Online

There are over 300 one night stand sites on the internet. Why? Because people love to have one night stands. The problem is that not all of them are real. Most of them, in fact, are real good at embarrassing you and scammed you as well. How do we know? The truth is that I was sucked into a site or two when I first started out. I understand how enticing they can be, and also know that it is not difficult to lose your sensibilities when you are on them. So many pretty girls to choose from, all you want is to get in and get started.

Our top 5 recommended booty call sites

One Night Stand Site Stars TOP Msgs Replies Dates set up Dates showed up Hookups Read Reviews Visit the site
★★★★★ #1 100 67 29 29 23 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★★ #2 100 73 31 27 21 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★★ #3 100 40 18 15 11 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★ #4 100 49 18 14 10 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★ #5 100 34 11 11 7 Read the Review Get the Free Trial

Unfortunately, of those 300 plus sites there are only 5 of them that are real sites. Of all the sites that you can get on, there are only enough to fit on one hand that will not only get you the success that you want, but will not get you into trouble. The reason I know is because I decided that no one should get ripped off the way that I did. I went to work testing out the one night stand sites on the internet with proven methods for 2 months each.

Me, and my team of researchers, tested each site for 2 months. We did so by sending out 2 emails to the women that we chose a day per site. Finding the women that we found most attractive, we systematically sent them emails with creative profiles to make contact and then we sat back and waited. The results that we got back were shocking to even us. We were able to pinpoint very quickly which sites were nothing but a scam, and which ones were the best booty call sites. With so many one night stand sites we were absolutely amazed that there were only a handful that were anything more than time and energy wasters. The worst part? The ones that give you the most hope, you know the ones that have all the naked hot women to advertise? They offer the most potential to get ripped off.

Booty Call Sites we found that were NOT EFFICIENT

One Night Stand Site Stars Msgs Replies Dates set up Dates showed up Hookups Read Reviews
★★ 100 89 10 1 1 Read the Review
★★ 100 75 30 4 0 Read the Review
100 95 22 0 0 Read the Review
100 43 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 34 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 5 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 3 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 0 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 0 0 0 0 Read the Review
100 0 0 0 0 Read the Review

Of the five sites that we recommend you may be thinking that we only sent out messages to those girls that we were fairly certain would answer back. You might be worrying that we went after all the 2s and 3s to ensure that we could get laid. I assure you that that is not the case. We targeted girls at random because we deemed them “hot”. We found the hottest girls that we could on the site and reached out to them. Did we mix in some 4s and 5s? Sure, but who wouldn’t. If it is about sheer numbers, then you have to admit that there is nothing wrong with shagging a 4 or 5 every once in a while. They weren’t the cornerstone of the caliber of girls we contacted, but they were included.

If we had lowered our standards surely we would have gotten more tail, so if you are worried that you aren’t going to get all sex you crave, don’t. Even being very discriminate about the girls that we contacted we still got all the sex we wanted. The other assumption that you may make is that we used guys who were so hot that girls couldn’t turn them down. To be fair, they weren’t the ugliest guys in the world, but they weren’t anything special either. We chose our testers to look like the average guy on the site. They didn’t have anything special that you don’t possess. In fact, they were probably just like you.

What profiles really work on NSA websites?

What we did do was try different ways to contact women with different dating profile strategies to see what worked. Once we got a method down, we used it across the many different online one night stand sites to see what type of success we would have. We sent out the emails and we waited to see what would happen. How did we pick the girls to contact? We rated the girls according to how attractive we found them and then we went to work trying to win them over.

We sent out the first email and waited for a response and then sent the second. On each site we chose two women to send an email to a day. The emails were kept constant and the girls were chosen in no specific order. We wanted to ensure that the way that we contacted girls would be the same way that any guy would. We didn’t take any extra steps, or do anything different from what you would do naturally. What we did have was the secret to get them to answer back.

Avoid escort services and other fake scams

What we found is that no matter how charming we were on some online booty call sites we just didn’t have the success that we wanted. No matter what we did to try and get a response, it just wasn’t there. On those other sites that we tried what we did get was a whole lot of solicitations from escort services and other fake scams, some good, some really good. Again, being a victim in the past, I thought I knew what to look for. There were some of these sites that no matter how good you think you are, you can still be fooled.

After all of our handwork you get to reap the benefits. We took all the data that we complied over our two month investigation and laid it out for you in plain and no uncertain terms. These aren’t just numbers on paper, they are your chances of rejection or success. These are the results that you are going to have if you stick with our guide. What we have done is saved you months of heartache, time alone, and money lost.