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So, you may be asking yourself why exists. The reason it does, is because we decided that it was time regular guys like you and me stopped getting taken for a ride. After striking out as many times as I did, I decided to get real. Me, and the five guys who went to work to debunk all the online booty call sites scams and fraud, thought that you deserved better. Maybe somewhat angry, maybe somewhat vengeful, we thought that no one else should be embarrassed the way that we were.

What did we found?

What we found through our own experiences and through the experimentation that we did was that there are only 5 legitimate online booty call sites that you will have any success on. It isn’t your fault, and you aren’t doing anything wrong. Most online booty sites just aren’t real. They are nothing but a front for those who want to take advantage of guys like you and me. We decided that it was time to strike back and give you guys the upper hand instead of letting the fraudulent booty call sites have it.

What did we do?

What we did was expose one of the biggest online industries on the internet. We went to work to break the entire system wide open and to save those fellow guys who go after us from being separated from their money and feeling like fools. It isn’t fair what these sites do and we just let that it was time for someone to take a stand. We can’t get our time and our money back, but we can save you from making the same mistakes that we did.

While giving you the skinny on which sites are real and which are not, we also set out to try and give you the upper hand against the competition. After all, if you are going to put the time and energy in, we think that you deserve to get laid, not just once, but any time you want. That is what you will accomplish if you follow our guide and forge ahead. Take this guide and have the time of your life. Good Luck!