Dating Tips For One-Night Stands – How To Find Booty Calls

ONS dating is different from regular online dating sites. There is a myth that all women want to have a long standing relationship. That is simply not the case, at least not on the ONS sites. We also aren’t talking about just “getting lucky” one night this is about changing who you are to get all the girls you want every night. It will give you more than a little black book, it will give you an endless stream of women who will have you first on their list when they are horny and want a late night booty call. If you aren’t the first on their list, you are not going to be the one getting the call. Our goal is to get you that call for fun. We give you all the secrets about how to find a booty call and one night stand strategy ideas to have all the sex you can ever imagine.

Our secret guide to a one-night engagement

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If you go it alone, you may have an occasion to get lucky. But just like taking a final exam, you feel relief for a moment and then you have to start all over again. This is a guide that helps you to create streams of sex that continue to supply you with what you need. There will come a point where you will have so many booty calls that you will have to start turning women away. Imagine a file so large that you have to start prioritizing them and letting some go. If you don’t use our guide you are guaranteed to waste a minimum of 90% of your time, and your money, never getting what it is that you really want.

What you shouldn’t do on one night stand dating site

Other guides are really good at telling you what you shouldn’t do on one night stand dating sites, but they leave you in the dark when it comes to what you should do. Giving someone advice about what to avoid is empty if you don’t fill up the empty space with the tips and tricks that really work. We tell you exactly what things to avoid, but more importantly we tell you exactly what to do to score the hottest chicks you can think of. Our one night strategy is fully laid out for you so that you can get laid. Our booty call tips aren’t just about finding a one night stand every once in a while, it is about building a hierarchy of girls you want to bang, and having them all awaiting your phone call, or better yet, blowing up your phone well into the evening.

Beware of NSA dating scams

One night stand dating is hard to navigate. Most of the sites are nothing but a scam, well designed to steal your money and promise you false hope. We tell you which sites are real, and which ones will really get you what you want. Using the one night stand sites to find a booty call every night isn’t the way to go. It is about collecting girls and being able to call them over and again. The one night stand site is just your tool to finding girls to stand in line for some loving from you.

If you don’t read this guide you are bound to be overcome and scammed by fake profiles and people contacting you who aren’t real. Preying on those who want to have sex and will do anything to get it, most booty call sites are nothing but a front for call girls. If you want to pay for sex, skip the booty call sites and just go straight to the source. This is the guide for the guy who never wants to have to pay a dime for the most amazing sexual encounters of his lifetime. It will get you real sex, with real girls, who really enjoy having sex with you. No fake prostitutes here.

What we found through our tried and true methods that out of the hundreds of sites on the internet for booty calls, there are really only five that are worth your time and will get you what you want. The rest are sheer scams that get you for the membership and then set you up with girls who aren’t real, or who are really just call girls for hire. If you don’t stick to these five sites you are going to find yourself out of money and out of luck.

A good strategy to increase your number of casual encounters

Just like the way to make the most money is through diversification, the same is true from online booty calls. It isn’t about the big one score, it is about making smaller scores and letting them continue to pay off. We teach you what to say to establish relationships with women. No…wait, don’t put us down yet, we mean establish “friends with benefits” or booty call relationships. We don’t give you the tools to meet her mother, or to buy her an engagement ring, we give you the tools so that you are the first one on her list when she doesn’t want to go to bed without some hot sex to calm her nerves.

What happens now when you want sex? You probably have to jump through hoops to find a girl who will sleep with you. That is exhausting and tedious. What if you just had something like a “lay file” that kept all the girls that you enjoy having sex with on one page? That is what we are trying to help you build. Our guide is different because we don’t teach you how to get lucky once and move on, we teach you how to get lucky and get her phone number to get luck again, and again, and again. See the difference?

If you are ready to have a portfolio of women who want nothing more than the hottest commodity in, then read further in this guide and use the tools that we lay out for you. If you follow our guide, not just some of it, but all of it, you are guaranteed to have your own pool of beautiful women to have sex with when you want, as many times as you want, and never have to work hard to get it again.