scams on one night stand sites

This is one of the easiest questions that we can answer in this guide. Hot or not is NOT. There was nothing hot about this site, just irritating and a huge let down. Of all the sites it looked to be the most mainstream and easy going, it wasn’t. There wasn’t anything casual or sexy […] Read More

You know how we knew that we probably wouldn’t like this site? Why would you go and use the same name as another site and try to pass it off as your own…wait, that would be because you don't have anything real to offer. That is exactly what this site had, nothing to offer. […] Read More

This site should have been called letsspendmoneyfornothing. There was absolutely nothing banging besides our head against the wall. This was one of the poorest sites that we reviewed, among the poorest of sites. It all sounds good, let’s bang, but in reality no one was banging anything on this site. Of all the sites that […] Read More

You know when it isn’t easy to flirt? When there is no one that you would even want to flirt. Therefore, even the name of this site is a big fat lie. There was nothing that we liked about this site but getting off of it and not paying for another month’s membership. What does […] Read More

If you are horny and looking for a match, move along from this site. The only thing that this site is good is shaking the horny from you. There was nothing that we can say positive about this site but it positively was awful. If you want to throw money out the window and end […] Read More

Who doesn’t want a black book? The person that ends up with a website like this one. This was by far one of the worst websites that we reviewed. We were not just disappointed, we felt cheated. There was nothing redeeming about this site and in the end all we had was sore hands from […] Read More

The one thing that this site didn’t have…well who are we kidding, this site had nothing. In short, it just plain sucked. If you want to have a fling, the only thing you are going to get off of this site is disappointed and broke. One of the worst offenders on the list, it is […] Read More

Sounds cool right? Anything with an I in front of it seems cutting edge, hip and reliable. This site is anything but those three things. It was by far one of the worst sites that we tried out. It had nothing to offer but a headache and masturbation for our guys. No girls to be […] Read More

The name is, but we feel that a more appropriate name for this site is just get real. This is a site that had us so disappointed, we didn’t give it the full 2 months, we only gave it two days. Okay, so we said that we were going to give a site 2 […] Read More

If you are looking for a booty call, don’t call this one. There is nothing that we found about that we would recommend to anyone who reads our guide. This is definitely not the one you want to waste your time, or your money, looking for love on. was one of the sites […] Read More